The identification, protection, and commercial exploitation of intellectual property has now become big business. Several of the richest individuals in the world owe their wealth to Intellectual property. Many corporations now exploit intellectual property as their core business. For other corporations, intellectual property, while not its core business, has become essential to proper business operations and the achievement of strategic objectives. For others, intellectual property rights of third parties may interfere with their market strategy. Information technology, software technology and pharmaceuticals have all become essential components of our lives upon which we rely each day. Macdonald Sager Manis LLP’s lawyers and trade mark agents are experienced in all fields of intellectual property, information technology, technology law and pharmaceuticals.


Macdonald Sager Manis LLP’s experience and successes, through its professionals in Intellectual Property extends back more than 40 years to a time when Patents were litigated before the Exchequer Court of Canada, to a time when many basic principles in IP law were developing and evolving in Canada. Some of the experience and success from our dedicated professionals was part of this evolution – our dedicated professionals were instrumental in this evolution. They still are today!


Macdonald Sager Manis LLP‘s professionals’ experience and successes are true not only for Canada, but also internationally, for the United States, Europe (including U.K., Germany, Hungary, Norway and Sweden), Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Clearly, this Canadian and worldwide experience and success give us our edge. Our clients entrust us with the international Protection of their IP and they have not been disappointed. Our professionals have established and implemented successful strategies for Canadian and worldwide protection of IP for many of our clients.


Our Services Include:


Identification of Intellectual Property


  1. oAssistance in identifying intellectual property including conducting relevant searches in its identification
  2. oIntellectual property and technology audits


Acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights


  1. oConducting searches of existing trademarks to establish the availabilitytrademarks and the preparation, filing, prosecuting and registering of trade-mark applications; preparation, filing and prosecuting applications for registering industrial designs; and preparation, and filing applications to register copyright.


Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights


  1. oAll aspects of trademark litigation.


Development and Marketing of Intellectual Property


  1. oDevelopment agreements
  2. oJoint Venture agreements
  3. oResearch agreements


Protection and of Enforcement Intellectual Property


  1. oConfidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  2. oDatabase protection agreements
  3. oEmployment agreements (no-disclosure, employee inventions, and non-solicitation)
  4. oCourt Proceedings to Enforce Intellectual Property Rights


Purchase and Sale Intellectual Property


  1. oIntellectual Property assignment agreements
  2. oIntellectual Property purchase and sale agreements


License, Support, and Commercialization of Intellectual Property


  1. oAdvertising and co-marketing agreements
  2. oCommercialization agreements
  3. oEscrow agreements
  4. oIntellectual Property license agreements
  5. oOutsourcing agreements
  6. oSoftware license distribution, reseller, and value added reseller agreements
  7. oSoftware maintenance and support agreements


Internet and E-Commerce


  1. oDomain name registration and dispute resolution
  2. oElectronic contracts
  3. oInternet agreements and compliance with the Consumer Protection Act
  4. oWebsite development and hosting agreements
  5. oWebsite terms of use and privacy provisions


Export Laws and Regulations


  1. oCompliance with export laws and regulations relate to intellectual property




  1. oInvitation to tenders, request for proposals, and other procurement documents
  2. oReviewing bids, tenders, and proposals


Key ContactDavid Gray

Practice Area Members: Michael Carey, John CollinsDavid Kornhauser.